At our current facility, 40% of our budget goes directly to pay rent.  Our current building owners will redevelop our property in the next year and we need a stable place to be by then. By owning a new, larger facility, Sector67 will grow as a permanent Madison fixture.  As a 501c3 tax-exempt/non-profit organization, owning our own property offers additional operational savings as we are exempt from property taxes.   These savings and new space will lead to:

Growth: We will expand from our current 8,500 sq-ft into 12,000-19,200 sq-ft (funding dependent)  The lot size of the new facility is almost 20,000 sq-ft

Improve our Technology & Equipment: Our new location will feature an industrial 3 phase power connection.  This will enable an expansion into higher capacity tools with enhanced capabilities.

Substantially Improved Workspace: Owning our own facility will enable us to improve the build quality and finish of our workplace, creating a more productive and safe environment.

Increase Youth Served Through our Outreach Programs: Savings will allow us to hire staff for both member support and increased outreach into the community.

Sector67 has been searching for a property for the past 5 years.  This location will fit our needs today and into the future.

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