Sector67's new home:

56 Corry St, Madison, WI


We've negotiated and contracted a purchase price with the property owner at 56 Corry St. We're now working with Architecture|CSG on the design and implementation of the renovation and build-out of the workspace.

Our next step is to find donors whose contributations will take our project to completion!

We need your help to move this project forward: with your contribution, you’re moving Madison forward as a place to learn about STEM careers at an early age, build a company, or succeed in a technical career.  Sector67 exists as many things to many people in our community, your donation supports new dreams and ideas.

We’re prepared to move forward once we've met our fundraising target but we need your help!  Please consider donating today - every dollar helps towards our target.

Total Fundraising Target: $750,000

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