"Sector67 is the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of creativity and innovation in Madison.  Room after room is filled with people exploring, learning, tinkering, experimenting.  Madison Community Foundation is thrilled to be part of this campaign, establishing a permanent home for this wondrous space and helping build capacity and staffing as Sector67 expands its scope as one of the most unique educational and entrepreneurial spaces in town."

           --Tom Linfield, Vice President of Community Impact

  • We Redirect Futures

    Peter Novotnak joined Sector67 in 2011, he shares:

    “Sector67 had a pivotal role in my journey. In 2011, without shoes on my feet, in the process of flunking out of high school, I came to see what this little ‘hackerspace’ was all about. My drive to explore was steered away from theft & fraud, and towards making & engineering.  The culture of technology and heavy manufacturing at that tenuous period in my development expanded my horizon.”

    Novotnak currently works for Cyrus Biotech, architecting supercomputers.


    Peter Novotnak on the Cover of Make Magazine

  • We Enable Art

    Alisa Toninato is a cast iron artist who came to Sector67 because she had a problem – she’d committed to making artwork for a show in Minnesota and she couldn’t physically build the pieces fast enough.  She’d found financial backers on Kickstarter, but it wasn’t possible to make the patterns to get them cast in time.  Using the computer-aided equipment and expertise at Sector67, she was able to complete her artwork.  Toninato’s cast iron state-shaped skillets have since been featured on the Martha Stewart show (pictured above) and are sold nationwide.

    Alisa puts on a public iron pour in front of Sector67 annually.  Children and adults are invited to carve sand molds and then watch them be poured with molten iron.

  • We Make In Schools


    Sector67 has partnered with Monona Grove 21st Century Charter School for 6 years to offer classes and unique experiences for the students.  We've helped to build a makerspace within the school that features three 3D printers, a CNC wood router, electronics lab, and a variety of other hand tools to supplement their existing hands-on programs.


    MG21 describes what Sector67 has done for them in this letter.


    East High School:

    East High School had a handful of old CNC equipment sitting in storage rooms, all had been acquired many years prior and subsequently have fallen into disuse as technology has advanced.  We rehabbed and refit this equipment with modern control systems and assisted in reintegrating them into the metal shop.  We're now working to bring a FIRST Tech Challenge robot team to our shared community.


    Sector67's other contributions to the local schools are described in this letter from the Principal of East High School.

    Photo by Brooke Wilson

  • We Build Neighborhoods

    In 2015 the Glendale Neighborhood celebrated their 50 year anniversary and wanted to commemorate the event with something special.  They decided to emboss their sidewalk with community oriented quotes, but the cost was too high to have them manufactured conventionally.  The reached out to us to see if we had a cheaper approach.  Using the laser cutter, we were able to cut out the templates quickly and at a fraction of the cost.  The project is installed on Tompkins Drive if you'd like to enjoy them in person!

  • We Contribute to Wildlife Rehabilitation

    Four Lake Wildlife Center needed help - they knew how to save turtles with broken shells but the surgical repair plates intended for human use were way too expensive to use.  They reached out for help.  We were able to.

  • We Help With Mobility

    Lonnie was using a walker to get around downtown with his belongings, which was a struggle.  Using resources at Sector67, Jesse Ransom converted a donated trike into a cargo hauling electric bicycle to make getting around with baggage much easier.  He also set up a power inverter for charging phones, laptops, and any accessories off the grid.

  • We Excite Kids

    Fractal Kids Classes are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) enrichment programs that use Participant-led, Inquiry-based Learning techniques for school-aged participants. Through fun, creative and engaging workshops, Fractal builds self-esteem, teamwork, knowledge base, and confidence in participants’ for their future educational experiences.

  • We Discover Fun

    Kate Baldwin using the laser cutter at Sector67

    Kate Baldwin joined Sector67 in 2013, she shares:

    “I thought that I was joining Sector to take a few classes and learn some specific tools.  But after spending time in this environment, something unexpected happened:  My view of my self changed.  I have designed and made things that I wouldn't have dreamed of before.  I can do amazing things now, and it's empowering.”

    Baldwin is an Analytical Illustrator in Madison, WI.

    Cards made on the laser cutter

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